Sunday, September 03, 2006

I am your host, Shiro Hosojima from Japan for Sustainability!!
First, I like to thank my commentators for participating in this blog project. I hope we can find our ways by sharing our thoughts regarding current ecological product across the globe. I will be sharing you some of the interesting product from Japan. I will appreciate your comments and sharing us your thoughts will be much appreciated!

Ms. Onishi (blog supporter) (Japan)
Risa will be commentating and supporting on the topics

Another purpose of the blog is to announce information about the giant ecological
exhibition called "Eco Product 2006" .
This exhbition is scheduled from December 14-16 in Tokyo Japan (happens once every year)

I want to have discussion with my commentators regarding the ongoing/past ecological product issues in Japan, and attaining feedbacks will give us knowledge to make the exhibition more comfortable place for international guests.

Remember, this blog is very "relaxed" and "open".
I hope we all can attain great information by sharing our ecological values.

Here are the schedule for the next 3 month.

schedule (I will post one topic per week)
Tradional lifestyle and ecological product in Japan

Current trend of ecological issue in Japan.

Last year's Ecological Product, and this year's lookout for Ecological Product

News and Updates about the 2006 exhibition (timely!)

We have about 6-8 outstanding commentators!
(thank you very much for your support!)

Professor Harty (Kansas, US)
Dr. Moiseev (Russia)
Ms. Hsu (New York, US)
Mr. Olivares (Los Angeles, US)
Mr. Olsen (Utah, US)
Mr. Supachai (Pakistan)
Jen (Colorado, US)
and more!

I would appreciate if our commentators can make little introduction!

Shiro Hosojima

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