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Jinrikisha or also known as rickshaw is known to be around in other parts of the world since 17th and 18th century. Jinrikisha, literally meaning "human powered vehicle" has been popular in Japan since the Meiji period (1868) as a mode of transportation. Nowadays in Japan, these jinrikishas can only be found in tourist attraction places such as Kyoto and Otaru serving sight-seeing tourists. However, in other southeastern Asian countries, jinrikishas are still major forms of transportation. Needless to say, but this vehicle is so ecologically friendly!!

The name itself is self explanatory, "JIN"=human, "RIKI"=power "SHA"=vehicle. This means no production of greenhouse gases and other air pollutants! Reducing greenhouse gas emission and other air pollutants are critical in our generation, yet we are struggling to meet this goal. People in the old days have come up with various ways to improve life with limited technology and resources. What other things can you think of??

Is there vehicle in your country that are ecologically friendly?

Human powered vehicle is criticized for its image of "human toture", would you rather have
other animals to power the vehicle?

One of the problem of human powered vehicle are distances are limited. How can we prevent problems?

How can we prevent automobile industry to depend on enormous mass of fossil fuels?

What is your ideal mobilization society?

Posted by Shiro Hosojima @ 9:46 PM

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The best way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by automobiles is for cities and communities to provide efficient mass transportation. It is extremely difficult and expensive to provide this in most cities where the infrastructure is already designed for the automobile. However, mass transportation such as the B.A.R.T. in San Francisco and the Subway in New York show that it is feasible.

As for the Jinrikisha, I don’t think human-powered vehicles are a good source of transportation. The distance of travel is very limited; most people travel beyond a five mile radius in their daily routines. In San Diego there are bicycles with a bench in the back where people can get rides around the city. These are usually used by tourist or by lazy Padres fans who aren’t willing to walk a couple blocks to get to the stadium. In terms of being inhumane, I think it’s better for people to walk, run, skip, or ride a bike themselves. America is fat enough and we don’t need a few skinny people hauling around a bunch of fatties.

Hybrid vehicles are the most likely way to reduce air pollution. Prius’ and Insights are becoming a popular now that gas prices are increasing. Hopefully, as these cars become more popular, and with the introduction of hydrogen-powered vehciles, we can reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

Posted by Anonymous Adrian @ 1:53 PM #

Pastic products.

Kind wishes to participants of discussion!
On use of ecologically safe secondary materials it is a lot of ideas. And some of them are realized. For example, one person has constructed the house of plastic environments from old automobile accumulators. It appeared very warm.
Resources are spent for recycling of plastic container? There are no problems. It is possible to fill in the used plastic bottles and other pickings by fine waste products, and to use these capacities as a building material (during small construction). They can be stuck together and saved on cement. The big weight of plastic container connected in huge rafts can be used for emergency time clearing waves during a storm.
It is possible to use plastic container for formation of cavities in concrete monolithic products. Their durability will be higher. Weight - much less. Use of the big weight of plastic container connected in huge rafts for emergency time clearing waves is possible during a storm.
Strong plastic container, it is especial at simple закачке in it of simple air gets high positive buoyancy. Here again weight of ideas which are clear to all. For example, a designation of necessary places on a water table. I.e. use of properties of a float and so forth.
There is an idea to use empty plastic container together with other materials for creation of strips (sites) of safety for people at carrying out of technical kinds of sports.
In a cold season the used plastic bottles - fine feeding troughs and drinking bowls for birds. Some children know about it.
Now we know also.
Sincerely yours, Dr. Vladimir Moiseev.

Posted by Anonymous Dr, @ 4:46 AM #

Thanks Adrian,

I agree about the most cities in Japan and US have infrastructure designed for automobiles. But cities like San Francisco, Portland, Boulder, and New York resemble us that automobile can be used as second hand transportation.

Especially in Tokyo, where population and city density is very high, automobile are not very efficient use. Majority of the transportation is train and automobile is used as a leisure more than transportation use.

But, since we our economy is strongly built by auto industry, we tend to have culture in automobile. Since Japan is facing aging society in couple of years, we need to think about our transportation system in urban to rural regions.

In coming years, trading your car and purchasing hybrid may be best solution. But having more automobile does not always means it is good for the environment, because hybrid cars are made from fossil fuels.

So what can we do?
Use our legs and hands maybe a first step.

Dr. Moiseev,
Wow, I never heard about plastic container has capability to be used as building material! That will be amazing!

Can other than plastic container be used for building material?
Is this for residential house or city building?

Since ice is melting due to 2C increase in the near future, maybe plastic container can be used as source of damming water level increase in oceans.

Posted by Anonymous shiro @ 10:41 PM #

Very shorts, simple and easy to understand, bet some more comments from your side would be great

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