Tuesday, October 24, 2006

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Cool Biz, Warm Biz

First, what pops into your mind when you hearcool biz and warm biz”?
When I first heard “cool biz”, I thought the government of Japan was trying to change image of “straight” Japanese businessman to “cool” image. I was wrong in the way I defined “cool”. Well “cool biz and warm biz” has relation to prevent the growth of global warming by changing the way we dress in formal occasions.

Cool biz

The old traditional business style in Japan, majority of workers is encouraged to wear shirts, jacket, and ties. For many years, Japanese workers screamed and sweated enormously under business uniform during summer that reaches beyond 30℃ with high humidity.

In 2005, Japanese Ministry of the Environment began advocating the Cool Biz Campaign. The goal is to limit the use of air conditioning. The workers were encouraged to wear short sleeved shirts, without ties or jackets. With Cool Biz style, the work environment can reduce the usage of air conditioning and when cool air condition system comes to use, we can increase its temperature and reduce its energy use.

Due to its sudden trend, many workers were confused about whether they should follow the new trend or the old ways. It was either to follow the new approach of the government or the stick with the old custom from the company. The workers became very self-conscious and felt impolite when their boss and business partner was following the old ways of wearing jackets and ties to work. I think cool biz is still in a trial stage, and as years adds up, the tradition of cool biz will fade over the old custom.

Warm biz:
By reading cool biz, you probably have guessed what warm biz is. Many large corporations are starting to support to its act. But, warm biz is not supported by Japanese government. So, no one really knows what “warm biz” is going to be like. One example is to wear turtle neck under the jacket? What we know is that, we have to keep ourselves warm and reduce the usage of heating system.


So, what do you think about this cool biz and warm biz system?
Would this system be beneficial, if government supported this act in your country?

Tell me, what kind of support government can do to encourage citizen to change their habits in order to reduce growth of environmental problems?

Posted by Shiro Hosojima @ 9:06 PM

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Congratulations for your blog. There is a lot of interesting information here.
I live in the US, and I am amazed sometimes how energy is wasted in cooling and heating here.

As an example, I attended a workshop (conference) at a local community college in winter past year, and even when the building was almost empty (it was on a Saturday), the air conditioning was in full blow and the place was warmer than the Caribbean. What a waste!

It is common here to observe that situation also in malls in the winter and other public places.
I don't think here in America we are very conscious about this situation.

Posted by Anonymous Martha @ 11:00 AM #


Thank you very much for your comment!
I do have similar opinion regarding lack of controlling the air conditioning in all seasons.

For me, cold air conditioner had always been problem for me.In the past, I caught a cold due to freezing air conditioner at the air port. Even in the summer, I would be wearing sweater to the airport! And I have higher rating of catching cold in the summer than winter in States!

This year at the Eco Product Exhibition, our English Guided Tour has introduced our guests about "Panasonic's Eco and Universal Design". It is really interesting, and I will post information about them on the new blog!

Thanks Martha,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Posted by Blogger Shiro Hosojima @ 11:14 PM #
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