Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Topic 10

"New Wave"

1. E-Mobile Co. LTD
Small Automobile company with strong ethics of:

  1. prevent the growth of global warming
  2. Vehicle for future (aging society in Japan)
  3. For people with physical disabilities

With unique designs!

The size of the vehicle is very efficient, since Japan has population in high density.

The roofing will also suitable for tropical weather in Japan

Very efficient battery(At this time, we do not have so much information)

But it is worth seeing it at the Eco Product Exhibition!

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Topic 9
"This Year at the Exhibition!"

Eco Product 2006 is going to be really exciting!
At the JFS Enlgish site, they have linked this blog!
as you scroll down, you will see the link for this page.


On this page,(I actually wrote it)
There are updates about eco products and services.

Do you have products that you are interested?
Do you think it is efficient product/service in your country?
Do you have any other comments?

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Topic 8
"Food companies' environmental efforts at Eco Product Exhibition"

I like to introduce you to green packaging trend in Japan.

Ajinomoto, Co.
- a major food and seasoning company


-a major food producing company

a) Environmental efforts in eco-friendly containers and packaging

The company established its original index (The Eco-Index for Containers and Packaging) to make food products containers and packaging greener. In the index, six evaluation items are set to examine the environment-friendliness of containers and packaging, including efficient resource use, recycling and disposal adaptability, CO2 emissions and labeling.

Efforts in environmentally friendly containers and packaging include;

- reducing weight of bottles by reducing the volume of materials such as glasses and plastics. (e.g. By reducing the amount of glasses by 12 %, the total amount of glasses for bottles can be decreased by 117 tons per year, which can also cut CO2 emissions by 132 tons per year.)

- reducing the size of carton packs, which leads to a 55-ton reduction in annual paper use.

- adopting biomass and/or biodegradable plastics for some packages

- improving the designs of containers so users can easily compress them when disposing or separate recyclables and non-recyclables.


What is the perspective of packaging in the future?

What can company do to prevent unnecesary packaging?

Tell me what is unnecessary packaging that you see on the store?

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

November "This year and last year at Eco-Product Exhibition"

Topic 7
"Last Year's Ecological Product with great attention"

Last year was my first year to join 3 day giant ecological product exhibiton
held in Tokyo Big Site Center. I was amazed with the numbers of big corporation,
government sector, NGO, and College organizition. Last year, I worked as a guide for
English Guided Tour by JFS (Japan for Sustainability). We had introduced our guests to
6 booth from big company to small organization.

I will introduce you to some of the lookout products and service I saw at Eco Product 2005

First, I like to introduce you to biomass plastic in Japan.

In total, 192 million tons of plastic are consumed in the world and Japan consumes about15million tons. But if Japanese inhibit the trends of bioplastic, we can cut down CO2 by 1.5 million tons! Thats 10% of Japanese plastic consumption.

Fujitsu "Bioplastic Computer cover"
Fujitsu is the world's third -largest IT services provider and Japan's market leader.

But, it is beneficiaries to the environment!


What is your opinion regarding the bioplastic material?

What is the major contribution of bioplastic in your country?

What kind a role can bioplastic has abilities to play other than computer cases?

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birds sing, cricket orchestra


Junko Edahiro's works, Lester Brown's works


Rocky moutains at 7:00am in December